Studies have looked into how the loss of attachment object i.e. the sun, could spark a traumatic experience, resulting in a confused state of mind. Balancing the loss, it is believed that the patient developes an increasing spherical cognitive system, identified in circular trails of thoughts. Repeating actions, repeating thoughts, repeating emotions. Other studies show that the mind creates its own visual representation of the sun and the patient strats to act accordingly to the new self-contained version. The loss of common references in the outside world generates the feeling of both physical and mental disorientation. 

Different reserach proposals have been put forward trying to understand causes and develop new treatment methodologies.  Circular Group Therapy (CGT) is commonly used to break the internalized spinning by communal spinning and circle dancing sessions. Circular Art Therapy (CAT) and Circular Symbol Drama (CSD) have also shown an effect in letting patients externalize their circles in physical and dramaturgical ways. 

Are you feeling stressed and confused? Is your head occasionally spinning?  Do you experience a calmness watching spinning circles? You might be suffering from Heliosynchesiy (Sun Confusion). Visit our Self Care site and the newly establi-shed Heliosynchesiy Treatment Center, in Herdubried, Seydisfjordur. Open 18:00 - 22:00 on the 15th and 16th of February, to help accomodate the difficult time of transitioning from self-contained, to externatized sun. 


This website is devoted to further research the occurance of Heliosynchesiy in communities with irregular sun-patterns. Run by the Heliosynchesiy Research Center the website acts as an information platform sharing ongoing reserach and as well as offering a custom made Self Care site where you can treat early onsets of Heliosynchseiy in the comfort of your own home. 

Heliosynchesiy (Sun Confusion) is a neurocognitive syndrome causing a severe sense of disorientation and impairment of visual and spatial navigation abilities, including an increased development towards a circular trail of thought.

The word originates from the Greek (Helio = Sun and σύγχυση (Synchesiy) = Confusion)

Symptoms include inability to orient with other visuospatial cues than circular objects; a tendency towards circular movement; a tendency towards a cognitive pattern characterized by spiralling associations

Heliosynchesiy is commonly identified in communities with an abnormal sun-pattern, divergent from the global standard. Different studies have looked at it as a) a mourning reaction to the loss of an attachment object, i.e. the sun. b) a lack of exposure to electromagnetic radiation i.e. sun rays. None of these fully succeed to explain the circular mode that characterize patient with a heavy onset. Though identified as a neurocognitive syndrome, a patient with Heliosynchesiy are often recognized by the change in motoric physical pattern. Becoming more and more circular, patient can be found haning around a round object, staring at circular lamps, repeating sentences and occasionally also spinning at one place, head up towards the empty sky. 


In several communities, city planners are now researching how to help support the symptoms with new public structures. Accidents have occurred when spinning patient have been found trespassing on industrial ground, trying to get close to silos. In several northern cities Research and Treatment Centers have been established to further understand, and help spread the awareness of Heliosynchesiy. 

People with Heliosynchesiy are commonly drawn to bright spherical objects such as lamps. These mimetic objects, or transitional objects (D. Barinn), are believed to act as a substitute for the navigational directions normally given by the presence of sun. It is only while fixating the gaze on a spherical substitute that the patients can feel at ease and start to orient herself visually, emotionally and practically.


Heliosynchesiy is an artistic research project playing with the notion of science fiction. In the center of the unfolding events is the formulation of a fictional neurological syndrome called Heliosynchesiy (Sun Confusion), and the implications that this altered state of mind causes.

Today the project concists of several Treatment Films, a Self Care site, performative sessions of Circular Art Therapy and Circular Symbol Drama. A growing series of Research Proposals, written in collaboration with practitioners in related fields. Sound works, including the new language Sónfjur - The Language of the Sun.  Short stories from the perspective of patients as well as a growing collection of conversations and interviews with people living in places affected by irregular sun patterns.

The Heliosynchesiy Research Center is run by

Emmeli Person.