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Round Table Situation

KTH - R1 Reactor 



Self Care open between dusk and dawn





20:13 - 05:27

20:10 - 05:30

20:07 - 05:32

A roundtable situation. An echoing location. Below the ground between concrete walls concrete laws. The films Sunset, Diagnosis and SU Library in an underground installation in the groupshow Tails at Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. At a round table, short stories from the fictional student/patient is presented next to the diagnosis. During the exhibition a roundtable discussion is held, focusing on the aspect of reality negotiations. 

Installationview, Helio in the show Tails. 

SU Library, loop with sound 4 min. 

SU Library, loop with sound 4 min. 

Documentation from Tails website

Curatorial text, Tails

Circle of interest, iron sculpture.


From curatorial text: Fragments of artist Emmeli Person’s work Heliosynchesiy (Hēlios=Sun Synchesiy=Confusion) are presented at Peryton and online in the form of the website www.google-my-symptoms.info. The website will only be open when the sun is missing from the town of Longyearbyen, (Svalbard archipelago, Norway). The website helps one to self-diagnose. One might say the condition is a fiction, but one might also say it is currently unknowable. Person’s procedure is to lead the audience into the trance of unknowing, where the symptoms can be seen when the sun sets.

Circulation Room 

Peryton, Copenhagen 


26/10 - 17/11 2018. 


This website will be open during the polarnight  26/10 2018 - 16/2 2019. 



SU Library, loop with sound, 4 min. 

Helio-systems, photo, together with Emelie Carlén.  

Front: Sunsets, loop with sounds 10 min. Back: Fail fast systems, Emelie Carlén. 

SU Library, loop with sounds 4 min.

Installation view, Artificial Iris


Invitation to Heliosynchesiy Treatment Center, distrubuted thoughout the uni campus. 

Heliosynchesiy Treatment Center 

Stockholm University, C-room, Department of Aesthetics and Culture 


Opening 14/5 2018

Website was open between dusk-dawn














21:05 - 04:24

21:07 - 04:22

21:09 - 04:19

21:12 - 04:17

21:14 - 04:15

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21:25 - 04:04

SU Library, installed in the hallway of the Department of Culture and Aesthetics, Stockholm University

Sunsets, loop with sound 10 min. 

Sunsets, loop with sound 10 min. 

Sunsets, loop with sound 10 min. 

Light Therapy 

Tromsø Art Academy 



Lamp in the entrance to the department building. 

Artificial Enlightenment, c-print. 


Reference library

Luckiesh, Matthew, Artificial light; its influence upon civilization.

Artificial Enlightenments, c-print, desk lamp.