Comissioned for the Heliosynchesiy Treatment Center Stockholm University, Department of Culture and Aesthetics, 2018


b. Self Care 

d. Treatment sessions

f. Taking Care of Realities

This page contains texts of fiction. Proposed reserach abstract written by psychologist Adam Ringstedt. Short stories written from the perspective of a fictional patient studying at Stockholm University. 

1. Lunatic

Olive Oyl once succumbed to a fit of "lunaphobia" (a kind of angry madness) over one of her fiancées amours. When she recovered, she continued to pretend to have the disorder to win him back.

A lunactic is someone responding to cues demed as abnormal. The horoscope of a "Lunatic" according to an astrologer who describes how the positions of the planets Saturn and Mars with respect to the moon are the cause of "diseases of the mind".


2. Sun stair. Concrete structure build facing the south for students to get sunlight. Stockholm University. 

3. Round structures at Stockholm University Campus

4. At Stockholm University Library, doing research about Heliosynchesiy. 

5. Reports about the lack of sun

6. Information film